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Welcome to GDI Sydney


Hello from the Harbour City! Sydney is a city full of icons: The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House… and The Sydney GDI Branch! We are proud to be GDI’s inaugural (launched 2019) and largest branch. Our diverse community of volunteers combines D&A experience and Australian pragmatism with GDI’s passion for helping our NFP partners solve strategic D&A challenges. Since our foundation, we’ve supported a range of NFPs including Opportunity International, The Pauline Foundation, The Hunger Project, The Good Good Co., the Reach Foundation and Kua Coffee. A big thanks to our GDI Sydney Fellows Luke Mills and Lizzie Reid for their ongoing efforts. We can’t wait to see what awaits us across the next year and beyond and look forward to you joining us!

Akriti Sharma

Sydney Branch Director


Non-profits we've helped

Based in Sydney?

Whether you’re a non-profit organisation needing some data analysis done, or simply a professional wanting to contribute your skills to non-profits outside of work, we’ve got you covered.
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