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Welcome to GDI Aotearoa

Kia Ora!

Kia Ora and welcome to Aotearoa, New Zealand - land of the long white cloud, middle earth and to be completely humble, the most beautiful country on earth. We also have the cutest birds, kiwis! The GDI Aotearoa, NZ branch is one of our GDI strongholds and home for many of our leadership team. We’ve met and worked alongside some incredible members of our NFP community, having worked on impactful projects with the likes of the Red Cross, Everybody Eats and GenZero. We’re excited to continue expanding our reach amongst our NFP community, so please get in touch if you’re looking for some help with technology and data from our pool of first-class data professionals.

Shakeel and Sam

Aotearoa, New Zealand Branch Directors


Non-profits we've helped

Based in Aotearoa?

Whether you’re a non-profit organisation needing some data analysis done, or simply a professional wanting to contribute your skills to non-profits outside of work, we’ve got you covered.
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