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Apply To Work With Us And Explore How Data Analytics Can Assist Your Organisation.
Our core focus is on the intersection of data analytics with strategy, as we believe that this forms the most valuable pro-bono opportunity for the sector. No matter where you are along the journey of embracing data analytics within your organisation, we can help your organisation to understand issues or needs more deeply, to improve operational effectiveness (i.e. in support functions such as fundraising) or assist with visualising results and impact.

“The corporate world has recognised that data can be a very valuable asset and not worthless exhaust. We are here to level the playing field. We want the nonprofit sector to embrace, utilise, and champion data in similar ways”

— The Good Data Institute

Project Fee

Small NFP

Annual revenue (inc. grants, donations) less than $500,000 AUD

GDI Fee of $500 AUD Per Project (~4 months of service)

Medium NFP

Annual revenue (inc. grants, donations) of $500,000 to $2,999,999 AUD

GDI Fee of $1,000 AUD Per Project (~4 months of service)

Large NFP

Annual revenue (inc. grants, donations) of $3 million AUD or more

GDI Fee of $2,000 AUD Per Project (~4 months of service)


Why do we charge?

GDI is a non-for-profit organisation, so we rely on your contributions to support our work:


  1. The admin fee is used to pay for software licensing (e.g. Zoom, AirTable etc.) and organisational admin (e.g. our website, password management), and other internal software directly used on your project.

  2. Teams invest more energy and commitment into working together when there’s skin in the game. Financial commitment ensures we’re working on the highest impact problems for your organisation, delivered in outputs that are useful to you. 

  3. Our industry knowledge estimates a typical project completed by D&A contractors would cost between $5,000 and $15,000 AUD (based on the hourly contract rate for data professionals ranging from $100-$300 and our average number of volunteer hours per project - 50 hours). This means our price is nominal in comparison to the value of our services. 

If you anticipate having trouble making this contribution to GDI, you are welcome to apply for financial aid and we will do our best to consider your financial position and provide support.

Image by Markus Winkler
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