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Data For Good Program

Apply to volunteer with us and connect with our data enthusiast network.
Applications for our 2023 Data For Good Program are now closed
The GDI Data For Good program is a 12-week learning and skills development program and gateway into the GDI community, run online on weekday evenings (mostly Tuesday evenings, please try to keep those free!) 🙏

If you are a data and analytics professional looking to create social impact and give back with your skills, this program is for you! The program will allow you to leap into using data science for social good.

Key Dates
Applications Close: Friday, 10th March 2023 📝
Program Start Date: Monday, 27th March 2023 🚀
Program End Date: Tuesday, 6th June 2023 🥳

“The GDI Data For Good program elevates the most ambitious, socially minded and talented data scientists and data analysts in Australia and New Zealand.” 

— The Good Data Institute

What Is The Data For Good Program?

The GDI Data for Good program is a structured entry program into the Good Data Institute Network. Twice a year a small cohort of data professionals are welcomed into GDI. The program is selective — GDI is seeking candidates who have already demonstrated the requisite level of data capability and professional maturity.

Our aim for the program is to equip every new volunteer with the essentials they need to accelerate into using data and analytics for NFPs: building skills taught by experts, hands-on experience supported by current volunteers, and a great group of mates who are passionate about data for social good just like you!

The program is semi-structured — the core component is a ‘pick your own adventure’ series of learning and development modules led by GDI fellows and experienced volunteers. The capstone component of the program is a hackathon with an NFP partner.

After the program, members of the cohort graduate into the GDI network where they can continue to work on projects with NFPs and continue their data for social good journey. Many Data For Good volunteers go on to be promoted to a GDI Fellow role.

Program Elements And Commitment

The program comprises the following fixed elements over 12 weeks:
  • Orientation Webinar  (learn about the organisation, NFP projects, and meet your cohort!)
  • Hackathon Briefing (briefing Zoom call, with our partner client)
  • Start and End Program Get-togethers (social catch-up)
  • Hackathon Finale (present hackathon outputs to client)
  • End of Program ‘Graduation’ (recognitions and social elements in person where possible!)
  • Join an existing project with one of our NFPs (following graduation from the program)

We expect all program participants to be able to commit to each of these opportunities, which includes 1-3 hours each week of presentations, learning opportunities, and time to work on the hackathon or projects.
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Flexible Opportunities

Throughout the program, each participant will also be presented with the following flexible opportunities:
  • Attend Data Science L&D Masterclasses
  • Active engagement online (weekly updates on our Slack community): get access to our internal jobs board, insightful updates on D&A for social good and more
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Good Data is Inclusive


We believe GDI's diverse community in terms of location, gender, age and ethnicity, creates an outcome more than the sum of its parts.

No matter your gender, age, ethnicity, location or religion, you are welcome at GDI and we warmly invite you to apply to our Data For Good cohort.

For our first two cohort programs, we’ve had 62.5% and 50% of individuals accepted self-identify as women. This is in contrast to 17% for the D&A sector more broadly.

This program is free to participate in. However, if you feel you will incur costs by participating (travel, social events etc) and this will be a barrier to your participation, GDI can provide financial aid.

Big Data Meets Social Good
GDI 2021 Cohort_Yellow Background.png

Sounds good, sign me up!

Applications for our second 2023 Cohort are OPEN! Apply now!
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