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GDI Fellows

GDI Fellows are the lifeblood of our organisation. GDI Fellows are high performing, leading data practitioners with a background of high professional, academic and volunteering achievement within GDI. 

Fellows source and lead projects with our charity partners.  

Our Fellows

Berta Karim.png

Berta Karaim

AI Analyst,

Sam Caldwell

Aotearoa Branch Director

Raul Bermejo

Data Engineer, Versent
Brendan Law_edited.jpg

Brendan Law

Senior Applied Scientist, Xero

Shreyank Patil

Software Engineer at Xero
Kane Lo.png

Kane Lo

Solution Architect, Salesforce
Nina Kashyap.png

Nina Kashyap

Data Scientist, Solve

Lizzie Reid

Data Engineer at Kasna
Dave Cole.png

Dave Cole

Data Scientist, Showtime Consulting

Akriti Sharma

Data Scientist at Kirby Institute
Nick Twort.png

Nick Twort

Economist, HoustonKemp
Nic Dai_edited.jpg

Nicolas Dai

KPMG Origins | PhD Candidate
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