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Welcome to GDI UK


Hello, welcome to the GDI UK branch! We are fortunate to have a stream of creative, socially-conscious, and talented people. Our branch is still in the early-stages, with our first project (Active Oxfordshire) near completion. Therefore, the UK branch is in an space to be a shaping member of GDI's future. The majority of our volunteers are D&A professionals, PhD students, or consultants. We have an open community and broad network; cooking and sports tend to be commonalities, amongst a diverse range of passions. The motivation shared by all is that of using data to create an impact. GDI offers the chance to work with a variety of NFPs, whilst utilizing your key skills. A huge thank you to Alex Lamb, our Head of Marketing and Sponsorship for the branch, leading our promotion and in-person meets. Currently, Oxford is acting as our UK hub, already with volunteers in the wider region (notably London) so please feel free to get in touch or apply wherever you are based in the UK.

Tom Taylor

UK Branch Director

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Non-profits we've helped

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Based in the UK?

Whether you’re a non-profit organisation needing some data analysis done, or simply a professional wanting to contribute your skills to non-profits outside of work, we’ve got you covered.
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