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Welcome to GDI Brisbane


Hello and welcome to Queensland - home of sunshine, the Great Barrier Reef, pineapples, koalas and the Maroons! The GDI Brisbane branch has been up and running since 2020 and we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with a number of amazing, Queensland based nonprofits; Put Them First, Spare Harvest and SolarBuddy. We’re passionate about helping mission-driven organisations get the most out of their data. A big shoutout to Karina Sum, Geoff de Groot and Sam Caldwell for all their hard work over the last year on our projects. Please reach out if you are a nonprofit in need of some help with your data!

Andrew Wild

Brisbane Branch Director

Image by Alice Duffield

Non-profits we've helped

Based in Brisbane?

Whether you’re a non-profit organisation needing some data analysis done, or simply a professional wanting to contribute your skills to non-profits outside of work, we’ve got you covered.
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